Wooden Toys

With all the wonderful technology we have today, from being able to stream music from anywhere to anywhere, to automating our houses, to the wonderful technology that's lead to breakthroughs in child education, sometimes we pine (pun intended) for something more classic, something simple to slow us down. 

While Pops and I are too old to play with toys, one of the things I loved as a kid was that simple play time, moving cars, trucks, planes, etc. throughout imaginary worlds and creating it all within my head as I went along. My parents invested in BRIO wooden toys that I still love to this day - good design never goes out of style. After rediscovering those toys hidden away in my parents' basement, I was inspired to bring toys like these back into the hands of young boys and girls and provide a counterpoint to all the technology that youngsters have today.

Our fleet is all ready to roll but check back often and follow us on Instagram as we introduce new models, and completely new machines (planes, trains, and automobiles - and more)!