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Pane Perso 

[pah-nay pear-so] / pɑːne pˈɛrso / (n.)

  1. Translated from Italian: 'lost bread' (family nickname of Italian origin);
  2. A father-son, artisan woodworking duo

Pane Perso is a father-son duo pairing the unsurpassed craftsmanship and eye for detail of Angelo, a 70-something Italian immigrant bearing a striking resemblance to "The Most Interesting Man in the World" and the enterprising mind and cultured eye of Matt, his not-your-typical-CPA son:

In 1962 Angelo emigrated from Italy to the United States. As did many immigrants, he found myriad opportunities to excel, get an education, find a career, start a family, and explore his passions. He found his to be the game of soccer (football, calcio, voetbal, Fussball, etc.) and woodworking, both of which he is heavily involved with to this day. From a young age, I was introduced to these passions and knew right away that this apple didn't fall from the tree, or more appropriately, I'd lost my bread as well. 

After making rocking horses for nephews, nieces, family and friends for decades, we've decided to share our passion and our creations with you! We can do anything from our famous rocking horses (and other animals...just ask!) and children's toys, to household woodcrafts (pallet coffee tables, wooden bicycle racks, coasters, bowls, etc.), and much, much more (custom wedding decorations - arches, signs, card valets, picture displays - planters, bowls, jewelry boxes, refurbishing of wooden furniture etc.). We don't shy away from custom projects, so we'd love to chat with you about whatever you've got in mind!

Pane Perso is the culmination of a lifetime interest in woodworking for Angelo, his son's lifelong apprenticeship at his side, and the desire to bring high-quality, handmade artisan woodcrafts to all for a lifetime of enjoyment - out with the cheap, plastic toys and in with traditional craftsmanship.

Please feel free to peruse our site and if you have any comments, questions or inquiries for custom projects, drop us a line! 


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Angelo and Matt