The Many Sides of Pane Perso

We may be small, but we are mighty!  At least we think that's how the quote goes....Regardless, we like to think of our duo's mission as two-fold:

1) Spreading smiles through our work


2) Creating for others through passion

The first part is a no-brainer - we can all remember the uninhibited joy of youth and the boundless creativity we had when we were youngsters - and we want to not only pass down that simple joy of imaginative play (without the need of iPads or screens!) but to rekindle that childlike spirit that resides in each and every one of us grown-ups!  Our passion for the discipline of woodworking (with our own unique twist!) is what pushes us every day to not only continue to spread those smiles but to push the boundaries of our work.  One of our favorite things about woodworking is the creativity it affords and the wonder it inspires.  Since we've begun to share our story with you all, we've been fortunate to learn and grow all the while creating and sharing works of art, practical solutions, and heirlooms for our customers that promise a lifetime (and probably more!) of enjoyment.

Check out a smattering of our custom commissions below and let us know how we can turn your dream designs into reality!

il Bosco Volpe (California via South Korea & Denver, CO)
l'elefante (Greenwich, CT)
Custom Rocking Viszla (Gratiot, WI)
Custom DJ Table (Toronto, CA)
Custom DJ Table, DJ Table, Producer Desk, DJ Turntables
Custom DJ Homebase (Los Angeles, CA)
Made for the LA-based, globe-hopping Welsh DJ Jamie Jones!
Pallet and Reclaimed Slab Wine Hutch (Paramus, NJ)
Pallet Planter Boxes (All corners of the US!)
Heart Jewelry Boxes (Zionsville, IN)
Custom Wedding Decorations and Ringbox (Beacon, NY)

Our journey has been exciting, fulfilling, and a source of learning each and every day for us, little did we know that a 70-something Italian immigrant would become a source for DJs and their equipment setup needs, a wedding decorator, and an interior designer!  Each project challenges us to learn and adapt - they have become an integral part of Pane Perso's growth and our mission to spread joy and curiosity through the art of woodwork.  

We can't thank everyone enough for taking a chance on a small, family business and we look forward to helping you with your next project, whatever it is that you can dream up!


Matt and Angelo