Bespoke Work

While we love our standard "stable" of rockers (pun intended) and our classic wooden toy car and trucks, what we absolutely love is when we get to partner with our wonderful customers and create something for them that's truly unique. 

One of our rockers actually started as a custom order from a customer in Korea. Her request for a "woodland rocking animal" turned into our beautiful il Bosco Volpe!

Our first foray into making custom DJ decks and tables was as a result of my brother-in-law needing a new setup and asking my father to whip one up - we love the way it turned out:

Custom DJ Deck // Custom DJ Table // Custom DJ Setup

In the fall of 2016 I made the best decision of my life and married my wife. I proposed to her using a ring box made specially for the occasion by Pops:

To make the day even more special, Angelo and I made custom wedding decorations to accentuate that big day:

Table assignment valet

Seat assignment displays made from logs of birch from a tree that grew in the yard of my childhood home!

Upcycled Pallet Picture Gallery

Upcycled pallets used to display photos of us and our loved ones!

Upcycled Pallet Planter Box

Birch log seating assignment holders and an upcycled pallet planter box centerpiece

Birchwood Arch

That birch arch came from a tree that grew on my family's property as I grew up. It died just shortly before the wedding but once more provided shelter and beauty, this time on the day of my wedding. Knowing our day was blessed with handmade items that brought joy and memories to all made the day even more sweet.

From the 'Big Day' to everyday, we've been able to help our friends decorate their homes:

Upcycled pallet wine rack

My friend Andi's daughter Amelia giving her seal of approval on the wine rack

Our cousin's custom, colored pencil salt and pepper cellars


And even had our work featured in a Home Depot commercial recently:


We're truly proud of each and every one of our products, but these custom jobs really fuel our passion for putting smiles on faces and putting our heart and soul into projects that fulfill another's vision. That to us is a job well done. 

We hope to be able to bring YOUR visions and ideas to life, drop us a line to get started on your custom woodworking project today!


Matt and Ange