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Welcome to Pane Perso Woodcrafts!  We're a father-son duo pairing my father - basically The Most Interesting Man in the World's doppelganger - 

 and his incredible woodworking skills with my not-so-typical CPA entrepreneurial style and discerning eye. Ever since I could remember - and not fall down the stairs to his workshop - I've been watching him fix, adjust, install and create everything from my parents' kitchen cabinetry to the beautiful Pane Perso rocking horses that have been treasured heirlooms in our extended family for decades. If he wasn't playing soccer or puttering around our yard, he could be found in his workshop amidst a haze of sawdust and cigar smoke creating something. 

Our family, both immediate and extended, have benefitted from this over the years, with Pane Perso rocking horses residing in no less than four different states, ten households, and within countless hearts and minds. It was the hours upon hours spent by his side that gave me true appreciation for the time, attention to detail, and craftsmanship that went into everything he made. Not only that, but the outpouring of passion for and love of the act of creation as well, made me realize that his talent was truly something remarkable, something the world needed to see.

In a world of mass consumerism, one where it's deemed 'easier' to throw something out and buy it anew instead of creating quality products that stand the test of time, Pane Perso rocking horses are head and shoulders above the assembly-line masses. The original Cavallo Lavanese rocking horse my father made for my sister over 30 years ago still sits in our family home, as pristine, impressive, and beautiful as the day he applied the last coat of varnish. 

After making rocking horses for nephews, nieces, family and friends for decades, we've decided to share our passion and our creations with you! We specialize in rocking horses (and other animals...just ask!) and household woodcrafts (pallet coffee tables, wood-cookie bicycle racks, coasters). Don't see an animal you'd like to see rocking along in your home? Give us a shout and we'd be more than happy to chat about custom orders!


Voler bene,

Angelo and Matt 


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