Custom Rocking Fox - Build Process

Hey there! Wherever you're reading this from, we hope you're enjoying the long-awaited transition into spring/summer, I know we are. We can finally open the shop door and not get blasted with snow/ice/arctic winds while we're working! Weather aside, we haven't slowed down through the winter and have finished another project we're extremely excited to share with the world - a custom rocking fox! While our other rockers are either old designs with unknown origins dating back to Angelo's tiny shop in Zionsville, Indiana where this whole fascination started, or are some combination of templates and adjustments resulting in our unique designs, this one though was a completely new endeavor for us. 

Consultation and Design

We were contacted by someone looking for a custom rocking animal as a gift for her expecting friend. She was interested in something 'woodland' in nature - bear, deer, fox, etc. and at that time, we hadn't branched out into the rest of our current menagerie but were excited to help out however we could! Thankfully she had some inspiration of her own and gave us a photo that had spurred the thought in her mind. With that settled, we set out to sketch a set of templates.

Custom Rocking Fox Inspiration

While my pops and I are good with our hands, it certainly doesn't mean we're modern-day Picasso's by any stretch of the imagination. We are NOT draftsmen and most of the time I need a ruler to draw anything resembling a straight line - although I promise you my hands are steadier on the bandsaw. Needless to say, it took us a few iterations to get to a set of templates that ended up looking like a small malformed horse. With no artists around to enlist as help, we were in a pickle. It finally seemed that growing up messing around with computers and tech was about to pay off. I was one heck of a tracer back in my kindergarten days and the proverbial light-bulb clicked on in my head - a projector would do the trick! Thankfully the one we found is basically idiot proof, meaning both of us can use it without trading numerous frustration-laden texts back and forth.

Projector in hand, the Most Interesting Man in the World got to redrawing our template. Dos Equis say he's retiring to Mars, don't believe them, he's in a basement workshop in Northern New Jersey puttering around, see below for definitive proof.

Custom Rocking Fox - Dad Projector Sketch

With a set of templates that would ensure this custom rocking fox would actually resemble a fox, we were ready to start cutting.

Custom Rocking Fox Template

Cut and Assembly

// Runners //

Custom Rocking Fox Runners

// Initial cuts //

Custom Rocking Fox First Cuts

// Tail detail //

It's All About the Details

// Torso taking shape, handlebar, and facial detail //

// Getting close // 

Custom Rocking Fox Just About There!

// Sanded to a buttery-smooth finish //

Custom Rocking Fox Looking Smooth!

// Ready for the finishing touches //

Custom Rocking Fox Set for Staining!


// Good to go! //

Custom Rocking Fox Ready to be Stained

// Testing the colors //

// Angelo, brush in hand, cigar in mouth, working his magic on the custom rocking fox //

Custom Rocking Fox - Angelo Working his Magic (cigar in mouth!)

// Whitewashed belly and black foreleg accents done! //

Taping off the sections for staining

After a lot of hard work, obstacles, sawdust and paint stains we were ready to show off our newest member of the Pane Perso Woodcrafts family, il Bosco Volpe, our custom rocking fox!

// The glamor shot //

Thanks for checking out our first-ever custom build! What did you think? Have any questions or curious for more? Drop us a line or leave a comment below!

We're thrilled with the results and hope you are too - check it out now in our shop!



Angelo and Matt

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